Music Ministry

Music Ministry is a department that plays a significant role in the Body of Christ. The purpose of Music Ministry is to promote a worshipful atmosphere for God's presence, and to excite and encourage the people of God through song. God gets the glory and the people of God are blessed!

Guidelines for Music Ministry Members

The appointed Minister of Music sets guidelines for the Music Ministry and all members under his charge in order to establish order. For those who wish to join, consideration is based on the member’s walk with Christ and his/her faithfulness to ministry. (Scripture Base: Psalm 34:3)


  • The members of the music ministry will be accountable to each other and maintain accountability with the appointed Minister of Music.
  • The members of the music ministry are responsible for promptly showing up to “All” practices and performances requested by the Minister of Music.
  • Be willing and ready to perform upon request to enhance ministry to the people under the Pastor’s charge.


  • He or she must be SAVED and living a Holy Spirit inspired life -Must be an official member of the church -Tithe (Giving tithes to support the ministry)
  • Must be of good character
  • Faithful; be a part of Bible Study and Sunday School.
  • Have the ability to teach and lead songs and praise
  • Encouraged to have a musical background of some sort

These qualifications are for all choir members, praise team members, directors, and musicians.

  1. The Minister of Music will provide proper training (i.e. teaching & leading).

If you are interested in joining the Music Ministry, please contact Elder Michael Anderson by leaving a message on our Facebook page: